“Zhan Xinjia…

Thank you, Mr. Kevin, and the coincidence changed from a customer to a friend.

At first, the chat only started from how to practice, from Buddhism to the Book of Changes, and finally gave me a new understanding of such a calculation method that had never been involved.

The vast majority of easy-to-learn practitioners only dare to make grand inferences, just like drawing the trunks of trees. They dare not mention what happened in the past and give branches and leaves. This is a special case, and many of the past are surprisingly accurate.

Recently, I have been unfavourable for years, and I have begun to sigh about fate again. I have to admit that when I am unlucky, I will choke on a mouthful of water.

People’s despair is mostly in a flash, and people’s hopes need to accumulate slowly. Over the years, I have gradually realised a lot of things and gradually realised my own destiny.

Everyone has luck. When you are lucky, you can make money while lying down. Of course, I don’t deny that the world needs to work hard.

But in many cases, hard work is not as good as another opportunity. Not recognising luck is like not being willing to admit that your ability is limited.

Don’t be discouraged. Maybe there is luck.

Don’t be complacent. There is no luck.

Yixue may be superstitious in some populations, but its essence is not. When you meet people who can really explain scientifically, the essence of the Book of Changes is to study the laws of changes in heaven and earth.

In addition to talking about the Book of Changes, Mr. Kevin also gave advice on practising well and was grateful to meet you in his life.”