The Singapore spiritual academy specializes in honoring ancestral traditions in the following ways:

1. The academy offers personalized praying and chanting ceremonies that are designed to pay homage to ancestors. These ceremonies can be customized based on individual needs and family traditions, ensuring that the traditions of the ancestors are respected and carried forward. 2. The academy’s team possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in studying traditional Chinese customs. They are familiar with details such as ritual ceremonies, ancestor worship, and traditional festivals, and are able to provide corresponding rituals and activities based on the clients’ needs. 3. The team at the academy provides personalized guidance and advice based on the clients’ family history and ancestral traditions. They take the time to understand the clients’ family background and values, ensuring that all ceremonies and activities truly respect and uphold the traditions of the ancestors. Through these approaches, the Singapore spiritual academy specializes in honoring ancestral traditions and helping individuals inherit and pass on their family’s cultural heritage.

personality and professional care are the two essential
ingredients for success.

Geomancy Fengshui Philosophy can help you to achieve this. It is a holistic approach to life that takes into account your individual needs and goals. It is based on the principles of balance, harmony, and energy flow. It can help you to create a harmonious and balanced environment in which you can thrive. Geomancy Fengshui Philosophy can help you to identify and address the underlying causes of any issues you may be experiencing. It can help you to create a more positive outlook on life and to develop the skills and resources you need to succeed.

We have abundant leisure and precious personal treasures; every second is invaluable, giving us the chance to practice the Dharma and make life meaningful. Thus, we urge everyone to make the most of these “rare personal treasures of leisure” and do what they should. For the great cause that should be achieved, we must act now, not wait for tomorrow or the day after, as continually postponing it to the “future” would be a waste.


Some simple things, such as removing moles, may completely affect a person’s luck cycle, not to mention other major cosmetic operations. Eyebrow tattoos have a great impact on the journey and directly. Please call for further information

“The right cosmetic procedures (Fengshui 面相学aesthetic )we do can become a method that brings us good luck and smooth sailing! First, we need to make proper adjustments based on a person’s Bazi to align with the current astrological conditions. Such cosmetic procedures can have a ripple effect. How does the importance of cosmetic procedures affect one’s approach to life?”

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Whether you are looking for advice on when and where for the investment Whether to switch careers, Suitable for your future etc. Determine the strengths and weakness of your destiny.

Are you looking for a suitable partner? Want to know? Yes it’s our duty to find out , if it will bring you Bad luck disaster a murderous punishment, a conflict for your family, etc!?

Here are some steps that could be taken to benefit from Feng Shui principles in governance and risk management:

1. Consult Experts:

Engage Feng Shui experts and advisors who have a deep understanding of the philosophy and its practical applications. They can provide guidance on how to design and arrange spaces, including government buildings, in a way that promotes harmony and positive energy.

2. Symbolism and Names:

Consider the symbolism and names associated with the country and its key institutions. Names and symbols can carry significant cultural and historical weight, and changes should be made thoughtfully, taking into account public sentiment.

3.Education and Awareness
Educate political leaders, policymakers, and the public about the principles of Feng Shui and how they can contribute to a better society. This includes promoting the idea that harmony and balance are essential for stability.

4. Integrate Feng Shui in Urban Planning:

Apply Feng Shui principles to urban planning and architectural design. This may involve adjusting the layout of cities, government buildings, and public spaces to create environments that promote positive energy flow and harmony.

5. Risk Management:

Utilize Feng Shui principles as part of a holistic risk management strategy. This could involve assessing potential risks in certain locations or structures and making adjustments based on Feng Shui principles to mitigate these risks.

6. Cultural Sensitivity:

Be mindful of cultural sensitivity and respect for traditions when implementing changes. What works in one culture may not be suitable for another, so adaptation is key.

7. Public Engagement:

Involve the public in decision-making processes related to changes in the country’s name, symbols, or governance practices. Ensure that their voices are heard and considered.

8. Long-Term Commitment:

Understand that the benefits of Feng Shui principles may not be immediate and may require long-term commitment. Evaluate and adjust strategies as needed over time.

9. Measure Outcomes:

Establish metrics and indicators to measure the impact of these changes on societal well-being, stability, and harmony.

Incorporating Feng Shui principles into governance and risk management can be a unique and innovative approach, but it should be done with careful consideration and in conjunction with other established governance practices. Collaboration between political leaders, businesspeople, and Feng Shui experts can contribute to a more harmonious and stable society.

What kind of Feng Shui can nurture excellent children?

Feng Shui is considered in Chinese culture to be related to auspiciousness and balance in life and family. Although Feng Shui is not a scientifically proven concept, some believe that specific environments and layouts may have a positive impact on the happiness and success of families and children.

1. Harmonious Layout:
The layout of your home should be harmonious to ensure the flow of positive energy. Avoid overcrowding and clutter within your home and maintain cleanliness and order.

2. Ample Sunlight:

Well-lit living spaces are believed to be beneficial for health and a positive atmosphere. Ensure that your home receives sufficient natural light.

3. Good Ventilation:

Fresh air and proper ventilation are crucial for both physical health and clear thinking.

4. Bed Placement:

The placement of the bed is crucial in Feng Shui. Some Feng Shui theories suggest that the bed should not directly face the door to maintain a sense of security.

 5. Five-Element Balance:

Feng Shui also considers the balance of the five elements, including wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Use colors and materials representing these elements to maintain balance.

6. Indoor Plants:

Some people believe that placing indoor plants can bring a positive energy field into your home.

7. Family Harmony:

Harmonious relationships among family members are also important. Avoid family conflicts and maintain stable family relationships.

t’s important to note that these beliefs are based on Feng Shui traditions and lack scientific evidence. Nurturing excellent children depends more on education, family values, and support than solely on environmental factors. Therefore, while Feng Shui can be considered, the key to success often lies in the family’s educational and cultural atmosphere.

How can I apply post-heaven Feng Shui layout?

Post-heaven Feng Shui layout refers to adjusting and arranging furniture, decorations, and layouts within your indoor space to improve the living environment and energy flow. While post-heaven Feng Shui doesn’t rely on natural geographic conditions as much as pre-heaven Feng Shui, it can still create a more harmonious and positive atmosphere in your home and workplace. Here are some basic principles of post-heaven Feng Shui layout:

1. Clearing and Organizing:
Before starting post-heaven Feng Shui layout, ensure that the room is clean, tidy, and well-organized. Remove unnecessary items, especially old, damaged, or rarely used items.

2. Furniture Arrangement:

Arrange your furniture in a harmonious manner, avoiding overcrowding or clutter. Ensure that the placement of furniture doesn’t obstruct normal flow.

3.Bed Placement:

The placement of the bed is crucial in post-heaven Feng Shui. Position your bed in a location that allows for good sleep and rest. Avoid having the bed directly facing the door for a sense of security.

4. Five-Element Balance:

Post-heaven Feng Shui also focuses on the balance of the five elements, including wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Use colors and materials representing these elements to maintain balance.

5. Light and Ventilation:

Ensure that there’s sufficient natural light and good ventilation in your indoor space. This can improve air quality and the comfort of your living environment.

6. Indoor Plants:

Some people believe that placing indoor plants can bring a positive energy field and fresh air into your home.

7. Use of Mirrors:

Mirrors can be used to reflect light and energy. Properly positioning mirrors can improve the energy and visual perception within the room.

8. Personalized Decorations:

Incorporate personalized elements in your interior decor, such as artwork, photos, or decorations, to enhance your sense of belonging to the space.

Keep in mind that post-heaven Feng Shui is a subjective practice, and different individuals may have varying preferences and beliefs. Most importantly, you should adjust your interior layout based on your own needs and preferences to create a comfortable and pleasant living environment. If you are not familiar with Feng Shui, consider consulting a professional Feng Shui practitioner or an interior designer for more specific guidance.

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Life bases are a Daoist practice that has been a closely guarded secret in China for centuries. For over five millennia, records and developments related to life bases have been elusive. While it’s an ancient science, our ancestors knew the outcomes but not the underlying principles. No one understood the exact mechanism until the 21st century when genetic decoding revealed that remnants of “information” within the human body are called “witnesses” (Witness). These witnesses contain radioactive carbon isotope C14, which, when combined with terrestrial energy, creates a phenomenon known as the Quantum Connection. This triggers a resonance effect with a specific radioactive wavelength, only receivable by those with a blood relation. So, whether you believe it or not, Feng Shui significantly impacts the prosperity of future generations. These influences persist, evidenced by phenomena like the strong connection between a mother and child, something that has been happening for ages and isn’t baseless speculation.

After media reports, the general public is beginning to understand the concept of life bases and blessings. Doing a life base, known as “福基” (Fukuji), is a blueprint for human survival and achieving life dreams. It leverages Feng Shui principles, involving burying one’s hair, nails, blood, etc., in picturesque Feng Shui locations. Through the resonance principles of quantum connection, individuals can directly absorb the magnetic field energy of the “龙穴” (dragon cave), boosting their vitality, improving their body’s magnetic field, and attracting positive people, events, and things. These manifestations of desired elements in one’s life occur in the same time and space, echoing the Feng Shui influences of our ancestors. The practice of life bases involves strict requirements, including three sets of practices for the sky, earth, and people, combined with calculations and selections related to eight stems, four dimensions, and twenty-four dragon cave sand-water orientations. It also requires mastery of essential aspects like “receiving energy, drawing in energy, managing mountain energies and negative energies, invoking the dragon, and interactions with mountains and water.” Decisions on when to establish monuments depend on specific circumstances. From initiation to completion, planting a life base involves a rigorous set of procedures and practices, such as invoking the dragon, observing deity worship taboos, considering Lu Ban’s measurements, and more. When done correctly, it brings auspiciousness and additional vitality. When done incorrectly, it may invite negative energies. After completing a life base, it must be consecrated following secret traditions to enhance one’s credibility, mental power, and blessing power. Simultaneously, performing good deeds increases one’s virtuous actions and personal blessings, serving as the icing on the cake.

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